Gabriel Morell

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, MA BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aug 2008 to Jul 2013

AFS International Program

International Exchange Program (Asuncion, Paraguay) Colegio Bautista de Villa Morra Colegio Internacional - Asuncion

Aug 2007 to Jul 2008

St. Stephens Episcopal School Houston

Houston, TX, USA

Aug 2003 to May 2007

Wayfair INC

Senior Software Engineer

  • Python Engineer for ISC (International Supply Chain), working to replace a dearth of excel spreadsheets with automated systems.
  • Designed and prototyped an in integration test harness for testing end-to-end across microservices
  • Android development work for a container loading & unloading app for scanning in warehouses
  • Customs broker integrations for automating customs brokerages at scale

Oct 2019 to Present

Admithub Inc

Senior Backend Developer

  • Involved in porting a series of meteorJS/mongo applications to a unified python backend
  • Wrote tools for allowing partner data import and export from the system including:
    • Various SFTP frontends and backends to allow partners to push data and have it retrieved by the system
    • Designing and implementing a public API
  • Implemented statistical tools to for coworkers to measure impact of the platform for students by visualizing metrics.

Aug 2018 to Oct 2019

Gecko Health Innovations

Backend Developer

  • Sole architectural design of Django backend service applications and fully automated provisioning via Ansible
  • Developed asthma management application backend with secured API for multiple clients ( mobile applications / web )
  • Optimized stack for responsiveness, aimed for <100ms, averaging 60ms responses
  • Implemented Internationalization & timezone handling for patient schedules for those on the go
  • Developed real time feedback service for patients using android and ios clients via celery and push notifications
  • Created HTML Template emails & Graphical PDF Report Generation using matplotlib and reportlab

Post-Acquisition By Teva Pharmaceuticals in Sept 2015:

  • Broke out monolith into event-driven, horizontally scalable, socketed microservices using crossbar.io
  • Achieved Full end-to-end automation of stack deployment with server provisioning via bot
  • Worked further to make datastructures generic for future medical software products
  • Ran interviews and worked to grow the team

Oct 2013 to May 2018

Buzzient Inc

Software Developer for enterprise social media analytics

  • Responsible for improving and maintaining sentiment analysis application in python
  • Ran Server administration and configuration via fabric
  • Wrote an internal pastebin application for developers to share code (Django)

May 2011 to Aug 2012


  • Initially in PHP/MySQL scripting, PSD to XHTML conversion, Wordpress Conversions, some technical translating.
  • Currently in Python based data processing and analytics.

Jan 2009 to Present

Selected Coursework

Continuous Time Signals Cryptography and Data Security Advanced Cryptography
Digital Logic Design Microelectronics 1&2 Embedded Systems
Differential Equations Calculus 1-4 Discrete Math


Fluent in English and Spanish, can read French

Frameworks / Platforms

Docker, Kubernetes, Django, Django Rest Framework, Jinja2, SQLAlchemy, Kotlin(Android), Werkzeug, Celery/ DJCelery, Redis, RabbitMQ (AMQP), Kivy, Twisted, Klein, Autobahn.py, Crossbar.io, Vue.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, markdown,

Programming Languages

Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), Kotlin, JS, bash, LESS, C, batch scripting

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux (Debian, SuSE, Ubuntu and their derivatives)


Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Apache, Nginx, IntelliJ/PyCharm, SVN, GIT, Hammer (Source Engine Map Creation), Maya, Blender, Office Suites


  • Amateur radio KF5AVL (General)
  • Experience with power tools, rapid prototyping equipment, and steel welding

Electrical Engineering

  • PCB board layout EAGLE/KiCaD
  • Experience with hardware/rapid lab/prototyping environment

Lambent Aether / Aner Eidos

Two part LED Controller / Remote Application system

  • Twisted backend to generate light patterns to be pushed to devices and maintaining state
  • Kivy / HTML frontends talking to the same API controlling which patterns / program state

Nov 2014 to Present

House Game (housega.me)

  • Event driven web application with focus on mobile
  • The purpose is to manage house chores,events, purchases and bills
  • Sends out periodic reminders to get things done and keep everything on track
  • Built with Django and Celery

Nov 2012 to Jun 2014

LNLDB 2012

Involves the replacement of an ancient (and somewhat quirky) perl CGI script written in 2001 with a more modern and robust website built in django

Nov 2012 to Jan 2015

SupyBot Plugins

Utility plugins for a (python) IRC bot.
Some examples include:

  • Job completion announcements (used with glua.net),
  • Bookmarklet and Todo List
  • Channel Enforcer

Sep 2011 to Present


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Development of website CMS for University Newspaper

  • Built with Python CGI and Jinja2

Oct 2009 to Mar 2013

Green "Lights off" Detector

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (ECE2799)
Worked with 2 peers to design and implement an embedded system which would detect when the light coming in from outdoors was bright enough that indoor lights were no longer needed.

Mar 2009 to May 2009


Independent Project
Automated SVN Packaging System
Initially written in a combination of PHP and Bash
Ported in 2009 to Python.

Jan 2008 to Jul 2011