Gabriel Morell


The overarching Thing-* project

Aethers Home Automation

A series of loosely coupled home automation projects. Components:

Twisted Lighting Server

A server for controlling a lighting system in twisted.

This server takes input over the network, and controls the state of lighting programs, and pushes the data out to various outputs (serial, UDP, etc)

A work in progress.

ESP8266 Projects

Adventuring with the eps8266 projects

Adventures in Adressable LEDs

My time with the WS28xx series LEDs

Nexturn Bulb reverse engineering

When China gives you terrible apps, you do it yourself.

LED Fade Board

Walk into a room, PIR gets triggered, lights turn on and up for a specified time and then fade down after motion stops.

Home Automation Via IRC

Using IRC and Celery, control an entire house worth of interconnected nodes.


Extensible Signage System


Things involving the boxes.py python library

Wifi Buttons

Me and my wifi buttons